Echolink is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system that utilizes a program developed by K1RFD and is free to all licensed hams. To download, visit:

On WA7HJR/R we are fortunate to have a high speed Internet connection giving us excellent audio quality on our Echolink connection. Connections can be made to other repeaters, links, conference hubs, or individuals. To connect you'll need to know the node number or shortcut number if available.

To connect is simple. First key up, enter '#' followed by the node number then unkey Always identify using your ham callsign before transmitting the DTMF sequence. The '#' is required to pass the DTMF digits un-muted through the Echolink connection. Once connection is established, identify again so the hams on the other end of the connection know who is using Echolink on their system. To disconnect key up followed by '##' then unkey. When disconnecting, identify again and let everyone know you are disconnecting.

To review all commands available visit the above website and download the User Manual. Currently all default commands listed in the guide are in use at WA7HJR/R.

To prevent local transmit lock-on, timers are in effect. The maximum transmit time is 3 minutes, but is reset each time transmit is dropped (when you unkey). The maximum receive time from the remote connection is also 3 minutes. If you connect to a node, but just listen, there is a 'no activity' timer that will disconnect after 5 minutes.

Puget Sound RTTY Repeater Group

Using Echolink