October 22, 2009

PSRRG recently applied for a club station callsign. After being issued KF7EIT, we applied for Barry's callsign, WA7HJR. The FCC issued this as a vanity callsign. On Thursday evening, Bob, WA7HTJ, changed the repeater identifier to our new club call. We feel it is a fitting tribute to Barry and all the work he did over the years to keep the repeater on the air. Jack, W7HNH, updated our Echolink callsign as well.

In the near future, the club members and any new applicants will be able to meet and form the workings of the club. Stay tuned for a meeting time and place.

Jack and Bob have spent many hours on the repeater site this past summer improving the DC power connections to all the Internet equipment and a hardwire reset mode for the computer on site. The HF antenna has been lengthened, but will soon be turned into a delta loop when we can employ a tree climber to install pulleys in a couple of trees at the 50 foot level.

Mike Reid, N7NEW assisted in August, with the installation of a 1KVA isolation transformer on the generator input feed. This prevents the accidental tripping of the GFI where the AC power is provided by Action Communication's generator during power outages.

Puget Sound RTTY Repeater Group