May 7, 2009

The past couple of years have been pretty harsh weather wise. We've had late snowfall and I think this year was a record for snow as late as April. The estimated accumulation in just a few days during the first of April was in excess of 3 feet. That means we aren't always able to make it up to the repeater site to take care of system problems. Even snowmobiles can't get through that much wet snow.

The access road normally used to reach the site, washed out and the DNR (dept. of Natural Resources) doesn't plan to repair it. We have been forced to use a secondary road that adds an extra mile to the route.

The passing of our good friend and repeater owner, Barry, left a number of projects on hold. Jack, W7HNH and Bob, WA7HTJ, are all that are left of the repeater management. It falls on them to get the bulk of the work finished. However, we do receive generous cash donations and have other repeater users who volunteer to assist in some of the larger projects.

One such project was the installation of a 4th remote receiver on Gold Mt. near Bremerton. This location enhances our coverage to the south and certainly the Kitsap peninsula area. Both Barry, WA7HJR and John, WA7NLD, were key in the installation.

Equipment installed on Gold Mountain

New projects on the horizon include an HF transceiver controllable from the repeater, a new voter and repeater controller. Stay tuned for updates.

Puget Sound RTTY Repeater Group