December 2004

After several months of working with a commercial repeater operator to eliminate interference to our repeater he was able to make another significant change by installing a new $600.00 notch cavity filter on his repeater system. When frequencies are as close as these were it takes a very expensive notch filter to keep from eliminating ones own signals in the process. This installation was a 100 percent success and resulted in actual measurements of 0 db of reduction in our receiver sensitivity as compared to 6db just a month ago after several attempts on both sides to reduce it previously.

The Safeco receiver died and a trip was required to check that out. It turned out to be the link transmitter to Tiger Mtn not working which was due to a faulty solder joint in the final amplifier section. The solder joint was repaired and this receiver is fully operational once again.

A trip to Tiger Mtn was made to confirm the interference problem was solved as mentioned above. In addition a temporary repair was made to one of the link yagi antennas which was broken due to ice loading in the past. We will be ordering a replacement for this in the near future. A broken clamp was also replaced on another link antenna on the tower.

Our portable 240V Dayton heater used at Tiger Mtn when we are there finally gave up so we purchased a replacement at Grainger for $ 135.00 to be sure we could get through the winter.
The interface box was installed for the connection to the Echolink system and the necessary audio adjustments were made. Echolink access is now in operation. The cost of this interface box was $82.00.
We started experiencing interference to the repeater from a nearby commercial transmitter that was transmitting just above 450.5 mhz. It took some time to discover which system was causing this interference and to track down the party responsible for this system. We made several attempts to reduce the interference on our side of things by retuning cavity filters and we received excellent cooperation from the commercial repeater operator who tried numerous methods of interference reduction on his side.
The broken upper gate on the East Tiger Mtn access road was repaired and primed in preparation for later painting. The lock mechanism was cleaned up for more reliable operation. The crew consisted of Mike Reid, N7NEW, Kirk Reid, Terry, N7JTA, John, WA7NLD and Barry, WA7HJR. Mike provided equipment to be able to lift the gate into place and provided a gasoline driven arc welder. Mike and Kirk performed all of the cutting and welding operations and did a beautiful job of it. John provided an AC generator for operation of a grinder and other power tools. Cost of the materials not provided by Mike and John was $125.00.
The auto patch was reconnected to the ACC repeater controller. We removed the auto patch link equipment which had previously supplied our link to the original Ballard telephone line which was no longer available and installed a new rack cabinet. We also installed an on-site computer system for implementation of the Echolink connection and for remote control access to the repeater controllers at the site.
We installed a Motorola VoIP telephone interface and an on-site telephone, an Ethernet Router and Ethernet switch in preparation for reconnection of the auto patch system and connection of the repeater to the Echolink system.

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