December 2003

We discovered the upper gate on the access road to Tiger Mtn was broken and laying on the ground. This was caused by a poor job of installing the hinge pin when the gate was originally constructed by a contractor and somebody leaving the gate open and a tree coming down directly on it with nothing to support it during a wind storm.
We removed all of our auto patch link equipment and antennas from the Ballard location where it had been for 15+ years due to Bill, W7UZB selling his house and had the telephone line disconnected putting the AP out of business for a while.
The upper gate had not been working for some time due to a broken cable attach point and misalignment of the latch pin and the hole that it went into in the gate itself. These problems were repaired with some welding and installation of a new piece of steel where the latch pin drops into the gate. The crew consisted of Mike Reid, N7NEW who did all the welding and cutting, and Bob, WA7HTJ, John, WA7NLD and Barry, WA7HJR.
Due to a lightening strike nearby we found two of our circuit breakers tripped and had to replace fuses in power supplies for the WA7HTJ repeater, the KB7CNN 1.2 GHz repeater and the Evergreen Intertie links.

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