November 2002

A Power-One DC-DC converter was installed in the Hall 4RV receiver voter cabinet to minimize voltage sensitivity that occurs when we are on battery power. Additional fine tuning in the near future may be required for optimum performance of this modification. Cost of this upgrade was around $80.
The factory repaired Cresend Technologies (formerly Vocom) 100 watt amplifier was received back from the factory and was re-installed. Cost of this repair was $260.
The Cresend Technologies 100 watt amplifier failed and was removed for factory repair. The repeater ran on the 250 milliwatt exciter for a while until we could install a temporary 40 watt GE Mastr II amplifier while waiting for return of the repaired amplifier.

July 2002

May 2002

April 2002

Our IFR 1200 Service Monitor was in need of some repairs and had not been calibrated in some time so was sent out for these items to be taken care of. Cost of this work was $828, which included $110 for shipping the 53 lb. package to and from.

Puget Sound RTTY Repeater Group