November 1998

Evergeen Intertie links put into service in the HTJ building by Jack, WA7HNH and Bob, WA7HTJ after link controller rebuild and repackaging of the system.

September 1998

Our old Singer FM-10C service monitor had been ailing for some time and finally got to the point it was unusable most of the time. Since a service monitor is a key piece of equipment to keep things operating properly and very useful in facilitating repair we decided something had to be done. We ended up purchasing a used IFR1200 service monitor and although we got a very good deal on the unit it was still a substantial expense. Cost of this acquisition $3500.

July 1998

The Celwave Super Stationmaster antenna was removed from the tower for maintenance. It was cleaned up, resealed, and repainted and then re-installed on the tower. Cost of this maintenance was about $100.

Puget Sound RTTY Repeater Group