September 1997

We installed a new 100 watt continuous duty power amplifier. It is a Vocom (now Cresend Technologies, L.L.C.) UVC100-185MWRF with their "Megasink" which is an extremely large heat sink. The unit has been performing flawlessly since it's installation. Cost of this upgrade was $1100.

As some of you know we had been experiencing major problems with the original GE Mastr II amplifier. Between July of 1990 and September of 1997 when the new Vocom amp was installed, 18 trips to East Tiger Mtn had been made for repairs. Quite a few of these trips were made during the worst winter weather conditions we have had on the mountain for years. One trip required the use of snowmobiles and a number of them required hikes on foot averaging 1/4 mile.

When we first decided to purchase a new amplifier our first choice was a Henry C100D002R 100 watt continuous duty amplifier. The unit arrived and a trip to the mountain was made for the installation. Within a short period of time it was obvious the unit was unstable and not performing properly. Another trip was made to remove the unit for return to Henry for repairs. When it came back from Henry we re-installed it and discovered the unit was still very unstable so it was returned for a refund and we proceeded with the procurement of the Vocom (now Cresend Technologies, L.L.C.) amp.

June 1997

We replaced the existing repeater power supply with an Astron RM-50M-BB power supply. Cost of this upgrade was $266.

Amplifier with fan / dual stage isolator below

March 1997

We replaced the power supply on the Ballard end of the auto patch link with an Astron RM-35M power supply. Cost of this replacement $247.

Puget Sound RTTY Repeater Group