Barry contributed much of his time and funds to the development and improvement of the PSRRG systems. The quality construction in the repeater and control systems was due to Barry’s detailed layout and assembly skills. Employed by Boeing for 30 years, Barry amassed a wide assortment of tools and the know-how to use them properly.

Barry first got into the repeater business in 1974 helping to construct and install the first RTTY repeater in the Puget Sound area, then updating it to a data repeater and finally to the FM repeater as it is today.

As can be seen in the picture above, Barry was a “techie” and enjoyed keeping up on the latest in radios and computers. This photo is typical of him relaxing, surrounded by computers and radio gear abound.

When there was a work party to improve or repair the repeater site. Barry always made sure that everyone involved was well fed!

Barry passed away on August 11, 2008 after a two year battle with cancer. He is certainly missed by all of us who knew and worked with him.

Puget Sound RTTY Repeater Group

In Memory of
Barry Simpson, WA7HJR